Penis Size Survey

Hey Guys!!

A little update, I am still collecting data on this project. Hoping to wrap up this phase of the collection by the New Year. Please take a sec and measure yourself or your partner. Instructions for how to measure and what I need to include you in my data are posted below. Have some fun with it! I respond to every submission and I will tell you where you fit into the data that I have.

Cheers, Vanessa

If you want a reply…

If you submit your photo to me and want a reply with where you fit into my stats, please keep a few things in mind:

-I can not respond directly to a submit, tumblr does not have this function.

-if you have not enabled the ask or submit options on your tumblr then I can not get in touch with you through your tumblr page.

So, with that in mind, if you want a reply then please do one of the following:

-turn on ask or submit on your tumblr

-submit your photo and then send me an ask


-include your email address and I will respond by email



How To Measure Your Penis For This Survey
The picture below shows the correct way to measure your penis for this survey.

1 - Get a ruler, it can be graduated in either centimetres or inches. Get a camera.

2 - Arouse yourself until you have a full erection.

3 - While standing, hold your erection parallel to the floor and gently pull your foreskin back if you are uncircumsized.

4 - Place the ruler on top of your erect penis and gently press the ruler into your pubic bone. This is called the “Bone Pressed Method” of penis measurement and it gives consistent results because there is a definite place to measure from.

5 - Take a photograph that clearly shows both ends of the ruler and your erect penis.

Penis Girth Measurement
I also need penis girth data for this project. This is a very easy measurement to take.

1 - Take a soft tape measure or a strip of paper and wrap it around your erect penis in the middle of the shaft.

2 - If using a tape measure, note the measurement around your penis.

3 - If using a strip of paper, make a mark on the paper where it overlaps. Remove from penis and measure with your ruler.

Send Me Your Info

I also need some data with your picture. Again all data collected will be kept confidential.

Please include the following info:

1 - Age, Height and Weight

2 - Country that you live in

3 - Your ethnicity

4 - Sexual orientation

5 - How you would classify your penis: Very Small, Small, Average, Large, Very Large

6 - Your satisfaction with the size of your penis: Very Satisfied, Satisfied, Dissatisfied

7 - Erect penis circumference

8 - Non-erect penis length. I know that these numbers vary greatly so please just give me what you think is your “normal” non-erect size.

9 - Non-erect penis circumference

Click on the “Submit your penis size photo” button and then from the dropdown select “Submit a Photo”. Using the browse button find the photograph that you just took and attach it. In the caption section, put your answers to the above seven questions. Accept the terms of submission, add any tags that you want and click “Submit”

That is all there is to it.

Thank you very much for your participation!


Thank You For Your Submission!
Once I receive your photograph, I will add your data into my results. If you want to know where you fit into the data, please let me know and I will reply with your results.

I will not disclose your photograph or data to anyone. Your privacy is important to me.